Tenant Summit

The Tenant Summit is a gathering of tenant association presidents and/or their representatives and tenant advocates, discussing an umbrella group, for the purpose of echoing one voice on important tenant issues in Toronto, like vacancy de-control, municipal and provincial government tenant legislation, above guideline (rent) increases, multi-residential property taxes. Together we are stronger!

Saturday, March 14th 2020

10am – 12pm (registration 9:30 am until 10 am)

Deer Park Public Library, 2nd Floor

40 St. Clair East Toronto, ON M4T 1M9


The Tenant Summit is sponsored by friends of Tenants Network Toronto.

To download the flyer click: TenantSummit[2]


Your opportunity to make your voice heard!

On Wednesday, January 8, the Toronto and East York Community Council meeting at City Hall will be considering the Yonge & St Clair Planning Framework report (Agenda Item TE12.30) from City Planning.  The report is scheduled for 10:30 AM but may come up later in the day.  The planning report will set the direction for Yonge and St Clair for the next

The report is composed of 4 parts:

The full agenda item, “TE12.30 Yonge St. Clair Planning Framework”  is at  http://app.toronto.ca/tmmis/viewAgendaItemHistory.do?item=2020.TE12.30



By Email:

  • Note that the deadline for email submissions is noon, Tuesday, January 7 for the January 8 meeting.
  • Email your comments to the Committee Clerk
    • TO: teycc@toronto.ca
    • CC: info@deerparkresidents.ca, councillor_matlow@toronto.ca
    • Subject: My comments for 2020.TE12.30
    • Body:  See below for our comments on the planning framework.  Make sure to add your name and address at the bottom of the email!

In person (make a deputation) at City Hall:

  • Register in order to make a deputation by emailing the committee clerk:
    • TO: teycc@toronto.ca
    • Subject: Request to appear before January 8 TEYCC on item 2020.TE12.30
  • A useful guide to making a deputation at a City committee is here.
  • You can also register in person on January 8th prior to the start of the meeting, before 9:30 AM.

Public consultations to date

Many of you attended City Planning’s October 24, 2019 public consultation meeting at the Timothy Eaton Church on developing a planning framework for the Yonge and St. Clair intersection area. At the meeting, chaired by Councillor Josh Matlow, the Planners presented their ideas to date. The ideas built on previous consultations with representatives of the Deer Park Residents Group and others having an interest in the area. Those attending the October 24 meeting discussed the presentation at their tables, and provided comments to the Planners.  

The key materials from the public consultation are:

Key Points – Deer Park Residents Group Board Submission 

The area being ‘frame-worked’ is the centre of our fast-growing community. The Framework Plan must help ensure that new development will provide the opportunity to rebuild to meet our needs going forward. Our views are informed by a history in the area as well as a deep interest in how our neighbourhood will look and feel, not just in 5 or 10 years, but in 50 years. The submission included comments on:

  • Character Areas – The Yonge & St. Clair intersection area must be a separate “character area” because of the impacts of the subway and streetcar line, the very challenging traffic flows (of people, transit vehicles, cars, bicycles), and the higher densities proposed. Alvin works well as a mixed residential/office area, being adjacent to homes on Ferndale and the north part of Alvin, with the street used for essential deliveries and servicing, as well as essential traffic flow bypassing the Yonge St. Clair intersection.  
  • Open space – Wherever there is an increase in density in new development in the area, there should be a significant increase in public/open spaces to maintain the community feel.  
  • Safety for all – As well as providing attractive spaces, the design of the public realm must consider safety and how the streets are used – for pedestrians using the sidewalks, lanes and crossing streets, and for cyclists, users of mobility devices, and drivers. 
  • New buildings – Setting back new buildings as much as possible will help provide for wider sidewalks while limiting heights along all streets will help provide comfortable, sunny, wind-free sidewalks and mid-block connections. Tall towers should only be located near the Yonge and St. Clair intersection and limited to 37 storeys.

In addition to the matters covered in the Framework Plan, there is urgent need for a study of the use of streets in the Framework area – regarding transportation needs, street safety, servicing and traffic to help inform public realm planning and priorities. 

For further information, contact Cathie Macdonald, Chair, Deer Park Residents Group Development Committee, at cathie.macdonald@sympatico.ca .


Notice of AGM

Annual General Meeting of the Deer Park Residents Group

June 11 (Tuesday) 2019

Registration begins at 6:30pm

Meeting starts at 7.00 PM

Calvin Presbyterian Church at 26 Delisle Ave.

Councillor Matlow (Ward 12) will provide a City update on matters

The annual meeting of the DPRG is an opportunity for residents of our neighbourhood to learn about activities during the past year. The agenda will include a summary of actions taken by the DPRG, events in our district and an election of members of the board for the coming year. Any persons attending who are not already members of the DPRG will be encouraged to become a member of the DPRG at an annual fee of $20.00.

The DPRG welcomes members who might have an interest in participating in its activities and possibly serving on the Board. If you have an interest in being a candidate for one of the open positions on the Board for the coming year, please notify us by sending an e-mail to: info@deerparkresidents.ca