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Road safety, progress towards Vision Zero, Sidewalk snow clearing, and the latest reports about incidences in our neighbourhood – click to find out about the issues that matter to you and your family.

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  • Have Your Say – Eglinton Avenue

    While outside the boundaries of the DPRG, Eglinton Avenue is an important street in midtown Toronto and we wanted to make sure you are aware the City is consulting on its future design:

    In 2014 City Council approved the Eglinton Connects Planning Study which articulated the long term vision for Eglinton Avenue following the introduction of the Eglinton Crosstown LRT. Eglinton Connects envisioned a complete street and was based on three integrated themes of Travelling Eglinton, Greening Eglinton and Building Eglinton.  
    The eglintonTOday Complete Street project is an interim strategy that will achieve elements of the Eglinton Connects Vision. The project aims to make travel on Eglinton Avenue safer, more inviting, and attractive for everyone. 
    The City is currently in Phase One which involves improvements along Eglinton Avenue between Keele Street and Mount Pleasant Road. The project will focus on the creation of a complete street by reassigning the existing road space to accommodate general traffic, parking, bikeways, seasonal patio extensions and parkettes, art installations and other streetscape improvements.

    To assist with identifying appropriate and effective improvements along Eglinton Avenue, the City has launched a survey. Feedback received from this survey will contribute to the project development as well as enable the City to better plan the next phases of the project. 

    Have your say!

    To review materials about this project, click HERE.

    To participate in the survey, click HERE.

  • Neighbourhood Survey Results

    The DPRG recently conducted an opinion survey to gauge the priorities of residents in our neighbourhood. Thank you to everyone who took the time to participate!

    If you are interested in seeing the results, please click below.

  • Letter on 2022 Cycling Infrastructure Installation

    There has been a lot of discussion in the neighbourhood about the current installation of bike lanes and CurbTO installations down Yonge St. Click below to review the DPRG’s recent letter to the City’s Infrastructure and Environment Committee.

  • April is Distracted Driving Awareness Month

    April is Distracted Driving Awareness month and we want to spread educational resources around this issue.

    Below please find a research article comparing the dangers of drunk driving, drowsy driving, and distracted driving. The guide has great information, as many of us aren’t aware of the statistics and dangers behind distracted driving.

    Check it out below:

  • Get to know your Ontario Liberal Candidate

    For residents interested in meeting and learning more about Dr. Nathan Stall, the Ontario Liberal Party’s nominated candidate for our riding of Toronto-St. Paul’s, he will be holding a virtual “meet the candidate” event on January 13th. See the invitation below for details on how to register:

  • A Safe Avenue Road Now
    We greatly appreciate your interest in a safer more beautiful Avenue Road, and we thank those who participated at the Avenue Road Safety Coalition’s (ARSC) community meeting with Brown+Storey Architects this past Monday, September 13th.

    As councillors Mike Layton and Josh Matlow said in the meeting, projects like this only become reality when the city feels pressure from its citizens.  We received many important comments in the chat box during the meeting, and we need to keep the momentum going.  We are grateful for your engagement.

    – Email your Councillor and Mayor: Josh MatlowMike Layton, and Mayor John Tory.
    – Email the Transportation Department: Barbara Gray, (General Manager at Transportation Services Division), and Jacquelyn Hayward, (Director, Transportation Project Design & Management).
    – Become a supporter/member or volunteer for the ARSC.  Email to find out how.
    – Follow us on Twitter: @ARSCsafety

    Tell the city you want a safer AVENUE ROAD.  

    Feel free to copy in your emails to the city so they know you are part of the movement calling for action NOW.  
    Stay tuned for updates and Thank You!  TOGETHER we can make Avenue Road safe and beautiful for everyone!
  • Public Safety Alert

    Over the past year, neighbourhoods have experienced a rise in high-end vehiclethefts from residential areas. The primary targets for the thieves include Lexusand Toyota SUVs, as well as Land Rovers. 

    Click below to learn more and see tips from Toronto Police:

  • Neighbourhood Safety

    Road safety, progress towards Vision Zero, Sidewalk snow clearing, and the latest reports about incidences in our neighbourhood – click to find out about the issues that matter to you and your family.


    Council approved a pilot project to establish teams of mental health professionals become the first response when Toronto residents are in crisis.

    It is estimated that the Toronto Police Service responds to 30,000 mental health crisis calls every year- a 50% increase in just the last 5 years. Learn more about this great initiative from our Councillor HERE.