Noise and Pollution

Deer Park is a quiet, clean neighborhood and the DPRG has a Noise and Pollution Committee, that is active in protecting our community from environmental and health hazards. We monitor the progress of projects and update our membership on issues that matter to them.


Given the documented evidence that gas-powered leaf blowers are a serious health and environmental hazard; they have been banned in many jurisdictions around the world.  

It is critical for residents to show their support for this movement.

What you can do now 

  1. Send an e-mail to our local councillor, Josh Matlow, or call 416-392-7906 to indicate your support of a ban on gas-powered blowers.
  2. Discontinue use of gas blowers on your property. If you employ a landscaping or gardening service, please direct them to convert to environmentally friendly alternatives. See below for tips. 
  3. Join the “Gas Busters” by sending an email to We will let you know when Toronto City Council will be deciding on the question of banning gas-powered leaf blowers and how to make your comments heard.  
  4. Read the material below and encourage your neighbours to join too.  

Excerpt from Councillor Josh Matlow’s  Newsletter, June 17, 2021

Deer Park Residents Group “Gas Busters” Initiative

John Watt and Dundee Staunton, are two Deer Park neighbours who are concerned about the environmental impact and health hazards from gasoline leaf blowers. They took action and created a flyer that informed their neighbours of the harmful effects. The flyer asked neighbours to stop using gas leaf blowers and join “Gas Busters,” a fun name based on the Ghostbusters theme. The result of the flyer distributed on Duggan Avenue, met with success. Eight neighbours on their street convinced their gardening service to convert to an environmentally friendly alternative and to stop using the noisy and polluting gas-powered leaf blowers. They explained that discontinuing the use of one gasoline powered leaf blower is equivalent to taking 93 times the hydrocarbons of one sedan and many times as much carbon monoxide and nitrous oxides off their street. If you are concerned about the health implications of gas powered leaf blowers and want to implement a  “Gas Busters” on your street, become an “Amgassador” by sending an email to or Chris Keating, , (DPRG, Noise and Pollution Action Committee). 

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