A Safe Avenue Road Now

We greatly appreciate your interest in a safer more beautiful Avenue Road, and we thank those who participated at the Avenue Road Safety Coalition’s (ARSC) community meeting with Brown+Storey Architects this past Monday, September 13th.

As councillors Mike Layton and Josh Matlow said in the meeting, projects like this only become reality when the city feels pressure from its citizens.  We received many important comments in the chat box during the meeting, and we need to keep the momentum going.  We are grateful for your engagement.

– Email your Councillor and Mayor: Josh MatlowMike Layton, and Mayor John Tory.
– Email the Transportation Department: Barbara Gray, (General Manager at Transportation Services Division), and Jacquelyn Hayward, (Director, Transportation Project Design & Management).
– Become a supporter/member or volunteer for the ARSC.  Email info@arsc.ca to find out how.
– Follow us on Twitter: @ARSCsafety

Tell the city you want a safer AVENUE ROAD.  

Feel free to copy info@arsc.ca in your emails to the city so they know you are part of the movement calling for action NOW.  
Stay tuned for updates and Thank You!  TOGETHER we can make Avenue Road safe and beautiful for everyone!