Toronto Committee says ‘no’ to downtown sidewalk clearing in face of COVID-19

Earlier today the City’s Infrastructure and Environment Committee voted against a proposal by Councillors Josh Matlow and Mike Layton to come up with a way to clear ~1,000 kms of snowy sidewalks in Old Toronto and parts of East York and York.

Read more about this disappointing decision here:

Act now – Winter is coming!

Our community strongly supports the expansion of winter clearing of sidewalks, trails and bikeways across central Toronto.  Even in normal years this is the right thing to do, as it allows people in communities like ours that have low car ownership rates and high rates of transit use, walking and biking to get around safely during the winter.  But especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, keeping our streets accessible for seniors, parents with children, and people with accessibility needs is even more critical – to allow people to move safely, and to reduce the rate of slip-and-fall injuries from sending vulnerable people to our overcrowded hospitals.

That is why we are so pleased to see Councillor Josh Matlow launch a new website and petition to harmonize sidewalk snow clearing standards.

But Councillor Matlow needs your help!

Please visit his site:

Sign this petition and send an email to Members of Council to encourage them to support the delivery of harmonized sidewalk snow clearing standards, commit to clearing all bike lanes and cycle tracks and develop a plan to clear all paved pedestrian and cycling pathways in Toronto’s parks!