Update on David A Balfour Park

We would like to provide you with a long anticipated update on the design for David A Balfour Park! Thank You to those who attended the March 2019 Public Meeting. Please view Construction Update #7 and the consultation summary.  

Based on feedback, the following four (4) key changes were incorporated into the design: 

1.       Upper Path will be widened to 3 metres to comply with the Multi-Use Trail Guidelines. (Note: the remaining segments of the Upper Path will remain 2.1 metres wide).

2.       The trellis located by the Valve House will be removed. The remaining two trellises facing west and east will remain. 

3.       The path by the Valve House will be slightly widened and modified to an “S” shape to improve sight lines. 

4.       Five new benches were added for a total of 61 benches. 

With the exception of the 4 changes mentioned above, all other elements and features in the park design will remain the same as presented in the March 2019 presentation. We will provide updates once a schedule is confirmed.