Spring 2018 Newsletter

The Presidents Corner

Dear Members:
This issue of the DPRG newsletter contains items on development projects that will change the face of Deer Park in the near future.  Some steps have already been taken with the new corner lot look at Yonge/St.Clair northeast corner.  Read the upcoming changes in this issue with interest.

We are also excited by new tenant laws, both at the municipal and provincial level.  We are featuring one of those changes in this newsletter (New Standard Lease).  Yellow Creek and Rosehill Reservoir are two other exciting projects presently in the works (see below).  Deer Park is taking on a new look and will revitalize our community with these changes and once again our businesses will thrive along with a new BIA (business improvement area).
Yours truly,
John Plumadore

Tenant News
Rent increases have been capped at 1.8% for 2018 versus the previous 2.5% cap.
Tenants launch “No More AGIs” campaign with our President John Plumadore speaking on behalf of tenants in Deer Park and the province at a Queen’s Park press conference.  The above Guideline (Rent) increases add up to 3% each year for three years, over and beyond the annual Ontario rent guideline in June of each year.

The Province has created a standardized lease which is required to be used by all landlords. To review the lease  click here.

Did you know that Ward 22 in which the DPRG is situated has the highest number of rental units per Ward in the City of Toronto.

Business Improvement Area
A BIA for the Yonge/St. Clair area (Business Improvement Area) has been formed and had its first meeting on Feb. the 13th.  Eleven nominations were put forward to Chair the Board. The objective is to improve the retail environment for the Yonge St. Clair intersection area. Funding will come from the local businesses with matching grants from the City.


St. Clair Centre
The Loblaw in the St. Clair centre closed Valentine’s Day February the 14th for a major renovation. The reopening is planned for eh end of August this year. The much anticipated new skylight will be unveiled in the spring.

1427 Yonge St.
This condominium project will be going through the usual site plan approval process this year with current planning for a mid-2019 construction start. With the future lane connection provision to Pleasant Blvd. added to the project, the developer is looking to beautify the lane so it could be used also for a walking lane. The TTC’s dead end lane would need to be included to make the improvements work.

NW Corner Yonge & St. Clair
Slate Asset Management the owner of all four corners of the intersection is in the process up upgrading the building lobby, retail and the street presence. The renovations will include a new two storey glass podium with an outdoor at grade patio.  The podium will act as a see through beacon to show animation and street life day and night. The same granite sidewalk material is planned around the podium. Click hereto see the rendering. Scroll down.

The King Street Food company will be bringing a new Buca restaurant concept to the two floor space. Buca currently operates three successful locations. The opening will probably be at the end of this year.

Previously Slate commissioned the 12 storey mural on the west side of the SW corner building by Phlegm who is considered as one of the world’s top 15 street artists. Now Slate has engaged Daniel Mazzone an up and coming Toronto artist to enlarge some of his art to create street art which is located on the black hoarding. Worth a trip to Yonge & St. Clair to view and figure out who the images are.

Scotiabank building
By mid-summer the redesign for the lower portion of the building will be revealed. The TTC entranceway will move south on Yonge St. with a more pronounced entry and the lower level retail area will be totally reconfigured.  The streetscape will be revitalized and matching granite sidewalk paving material is planned.

South West Corner Yonge & Delisle
For Studio Gang a leading Chicago architectural firm this will be their first project in Canada. The building will be mixed use and will not be an all glass tower. Click herePublic consultation is scheduled for mid-year.
The site is owned by the Ontario College of Chiropractors. The proposed seven storey building is to be their head office. The project is on hold for now.

Yellow Creek ( Ravine beside Avoca Ave)
On Jan. 13, the Parks & Environment Committee recommended to City Council that the Yellow Creek Master Plan assessment be expanded to include more assets and a long term maintenance plan. Assets would include infrastructure items such as stairs, bridges, plant types, trees, trails, etc.  As well to develop the master plan in consultation with a working group made up of  the relevant community stakeholders. The DPRG has active members in the working group. The Yellow Creek Master Plan assessment will be used as a template for future ravine studies and costing models to bring and keep the ravine system in good working order.

Rosehill Reservoir
Since the last Rosehill Reservoir Rehabilitation public meeting in September 2017, the City has hired a contractor to undertake the rehabilitation of the reservoir. The project team is currently finalizing the construction schedule with the contractor. The community will be invited to a public drop-in event to take place in March to learn about the construction work and schedule and speak with the project team.

City staff will also continue to work with local Councillors and the Rosehill Vision Committee on the detail design of park features and landscaping. Park improvements will be funded by the City’s Parks, Forestry & Recreation Division.

The project contact list will be notified and the website will be updated closer to the next public drop-in event with date time and location details. Should you wish more information directly please contact Kate  Kusiak   416-393-1932 Kate.Kusiak@toronto.ca

Sidewalk clearing of snow and ice an Election Issue for the DPRG
With the large increase of senior citizens, encouragement to walk more and the increase in foot traffic, the sidewalks need to be uniformly cleared by the City not by home or building owners. The City does already clear a great number of sidewalk areas already but claims for technical reasons they cannot plow the rest of the sidewalks. Rubbish.

In a recent legal case the court ruled that there is no statutory or common-law duty on property owners to clear snow and ice from public sidewalks adjacent to their property. The Court of Appeal ruled that Ontario municipalities cannot pawn off their maintenance responsibilities to owners or occupiers of land next to city sidewalks.

Owners and occupiers of land next to a sidewalk may be risking a $125 fine under a city bylaw Municipal Code for failing to keep it clear of snow and ice, but they are not responsible for damage for any resulting injuries. The fine is basically unenforceable as it takes weeks for an inspector to come out to assess the complaint.

Regardless if sidewalks are not cleared please take a cell picture and send to 311@toronto.cawith the address of the sidewalk.

Owner residents over 65 can get free sidewalk clearing by calling 416-392-7768.

The City spends $8/9million in legal payouts a year related to injuries on City sidewalks. This is basically the same amount it would cost to clear the sidewalks.

This needs to become an election issue.

Please contact The Mayor John Tory, 416-397-2489   mayor_tory@toronto.caon this matter.

Street Power poles
Powerline Plus the installer of the new power grid (Millwood Phase 6) for Toronto Hydro has advised that they will be removing the redundant power poles in the Deer Park area starting April and completing by the end of May.

MP Carolyn Bennett’s Office Moves
Carolyn Bennett the Member of Parliament for our St. Paul’s riding has moved her constituency office to 40 Holly St. Suite #103   416-952-3990  carolyn.bennett@parl.gc.ca

The DPRG will be sending out a survey to address member’s issues so we may serve you better. We would appreciate if you could take several minutes to complete. Thank you. The survey is also planned to be distributed to all areas that lie within the DPRG boundaries.

DPRG Annual General Meeting
The DPRG annual general meeting will be held at the Calvin Presbyterian Church 26 Delisle Ave. Toronto, Registration will begin at 6:30 pm and the AGM will start at 7 pm.  Guest speakers are to be confirmed.