December 2015 Update

The DPRG Board of Directors has met on 3 separate occasions since the summer to discuss items that impact our community. At the moment, we are pleased to inform you that there is no major issue currently facing the Deer Park neighbourhood. On your behalf, the Board continues to work on the following matters:

Planters on Yonge St near St. Clair
The city is removing all the old concrete planters that have lined Yonge Street near St. Clair Ave.  New, more attractive planters will be installed later in 2016. The new planters should be low maintenance and hopefully adjacent businesses will look after them.

Parking on Yonge St near Summerhill
Earlier this year, ‘No Parking’ signs on Yonge St near Summerhill were altered to allow for parking in the evenings and on weekends. With the support of the DPRG, Councillor Matlow was able to maintain the no parking restriction in our district’s section of Yonge St. Strong opposition from the DPRG and the resident associations to our south led to a temporary freeze on allowing parking further to the south. We can now report that the City has abandoned plans to allow parking in this area of Yonge St.  The voice of area residents was heard and it seems have prevailed. The traffic problems we experienced because of parking on Yonge should not recur.

Snow removal on residential sidewalks
Our DPRG board member, John Plumadore, has been lobbying the city, on our behalf, to have the city’s sidewalks in our neighborhood cleared of snow and ice.  As you may be aware, there other areas outside of the former ‘old City of Toronto’, that are provided with this service by the city. Although we have not been able to change what is a city-wide issue, we have been keeping this inequity on the city’s agenda with the hope that snow removal for all of Toronto’s sidewalks will soon be added to the city’s budget.

Remember, if you are 65 years and older, you can arrange for free snow clearing from the public sidewalk in front of your house (see application form).

New Development – 1427 Yonge St. Update
An application for a by-law amendment for the property at 1427 Yonge St to become the site of a 42 storey condo/commercial building was denied at City Council. The developer had until December 3 to file an appeal at the Ontario Municipal Board.  We are not aware of any appeal, so there may be a revised proposal submitted by the developer to the city in the future.

DPRG By-laws
The DPRG Board has extensively reviewed and revised the DPRG by-laws to be more reflective of our current activities. You may recall that the DPRG was incorporated in 2008. Since that time, a number of aspects of the association have changed. The by-laws have now been updated and approval of the changes will be requested from the DPRG membership at our next annual general meeting in the spring. The revised version of the by-laws will be circulated to the DPRG membership prior to the AGM.

Best Wishes & Happy Holidays,

Martin Myers
President DPRG