Development Update

67-71 Heath St West

Plans were submitted by a developer to build 3 townhouses on this site where 2 single family dwellings currently exist. The DPRG supported area residents in their opposition to the project which contained many variances from the city’s building by-laws. Nonetheless, the Committee of Adjustment approved the proposal. The residents have taken the initial steps to launch an appeal of this decision to the Ontario Municipal Board.

609 Avenue Road

Since 2007, there have been plans for construction of a condominium at this site. The plans have changed twice with the latest submission being made at the August 20 meeting of the C of A. This time the application was for relatively minor changes to plans which were approved in 2011. With the help of Councillor Josh Matlow and the DPRG, the residents at the adjacent Lonsdale Condo were able to get the application deferred to give them a chance to review what was being planned.

The problem was that the Lonsdale Condo residents were unaware of the major changes that were proposed in 2011 and as a consequence they did not oppose them. This time, it was only possible to get the developer to make relatively minor alterations to the plans which are to go forward to the C of A on Oct 9.

Lessons learned from these applications

The DPRG can provide advice and support to area residents but we need to be notified ASAP before plans are submitted to the Committee of Adjustment. Residents must be vigilant to identify potential sites for development nearby. If the developer is able to get the plans reviewed by the City’s Planning Department without input from the residents (and DPRG) then it much more difficult to get changes made at a later stage in the process. Be aware of what is happening on your street.

Yonge-St. Clair Streetscape Improvements

The DPRG has been working together with Councilor Matlow to improve the sidewalks on these major streets. Old planters need to be replaced and the sidewalk needs a ‘makeover’. Attempts have been made to create a ‘Business Improvement Area’ which is the best was to engage the business community  in this effort. Good news came at the end of August. It seems that a substantial amount of money has been allocated to this undertaking. Once the election is over, the DPRG  will seek out more details from our Councilor on what is going to happen next.

Brentwood Towers on Lascelles Blvd


Brentwood Towers on Lascelles Blvd. has received approval to build 10 townhouses.  The City of Toronto and the landlord O’Shanter have agreed to a Section 37 of the Toronto Planning Act not to pass on any rent increases to tenants for underground garage membrane, new sidewalks, a parkette in front of 23 Lascelles open to the general public, a community room for tenants, open up the Kay Gardner Belt Line Trail to the complex with two new entrances/exits, replace trees 3 to 1 in the courtyard and a number of other minor changes.

This proposal was developed after meetings with the landlord, the tenants, the DPRG and Councillor Matlow.

DPRG Board for 2014-2015

The DPRG welcomes two new members to the board:
Peng Chang and John Taranu
The executive remains unchanged:
President – Martin Myers
Past-President – Cathie Macdonald
Vice-President – Heather Barham Secretary – Diana Cable
Treasurer – Chris Keating

Other board members include: Steve Bederman, Steven CameronSmith, Alison Himel, John Plumadore and Chris Rutsey